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Seen: partially

Last Updated: Mar 07, 2011

8.50 (very good) I like it, it's got action, and some comedy. I do intent to see the whole series. :)

Cat Paradise

Seen: first; Own: partially;

Last Updated: Mar 07, 2011

9.50 (excellent) I'd love to go to a school that allows you to have cats on campus! (if only I had my own cat! ><;) I think it's cute how Kansuke wants to protect Yumi (even though he's a cat)^^ I have manga volumes 1-3 & want to continue the series very much so.


Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Mar 07, 2011

9.50 (excellent) This is a love all the way! I really love the artwork & pretty much praise Sugisaki! I just wish it (the anime) was more like the manga. I have manga volumes 1-13 and waiting for the rest of the series to come out. I also cosplay Daisuke & am making wingsfor my cosplay.

Heart no Kuni no Alice

Seen: partially; Own: partially;

Last Updated: Mar 07, 2011

9.50 (excellent) The first thing I probably thought when I first started reading this was probably "Omg, Alice gets kidnapped by the white rabbit!??! O-O" Never heard of a version of Alice in Wonderland where the white rabbit that Alice has to follow had to resort to kidnap! The art good & characters & clothing are well detailed & pretty style-ish. I own manga volumes 1- 5. I'm excited to see this series through! Who wouldn't want to follow a guy with rabbit ears down a sudden random hole in their backyard?

Hetalia: Axis Powers

Seen: partially

Last Updated: Mar 07, 2011

9.50 (excellent) What can I say, this series makes me die of laughter! Seriously, how does one come up with the idea to make the entire World's countrys out of people & somehow renact WWII & make it funny?!? I've seen seasons 1&2 & gonna continue watching! Favorite characters are Japan (he's cute & socially awkward), Italy (DUH), Germany (social awkwardness mixed with perfect soldier complex), America (he's dumb & an ass), Austria (hot with an accent that's altogether not too bad), Canada (mostly feel sorry for the guy), Egypt ('cause he "stole" Germany's stick & meat Italy with it in the begining of season 2), Belarus ('cause she scares the *bleep* out of her evil brother, Russia), Switzerland (he's a good big bro), & Lichtenstein (she's just too cute! & loves her big bro) ^-^

Tokyo Mew Mew

Seen: partially; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Mar 07, 2011

9.25 (very good) This series was the first manga series I ever read, it will always have a place in my heart. I really hate that 4kids destroyed it & hope that Funimation will save this series as well (since it's re-english dubbed/dubbing other series that 4kids butchered)! The anime (I think) follows most of the manga & has more detail at the same time. I own manga volumes 1-7 & 1&2 of the A la Mode series. (I also wish Ichigo had picked Kisshu & not that noob, Masaya xP)

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